Fiji in Need of Assistance for Lupus Detection and Cure

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“Lupus” is a growing threat in Fiji and the Pacific region.

The Lupus Foundation of Fiji Executive Coordinator – Una Tuitubou, says this is threatening many people’s lives in Fiji, yet there is nothing available in the country and the Pacific region, to help combat, create awareness, and advocate on this serious disease.

Lupus is an “Auto-immune” disease and is prevalent in ‘people of colour’ and ‘Asians’ around the world, – and women of child-bearing age are the high risk group.

Tuitubou says the establishment of the “Lupus Foundation of Fiji” – is a first for Fiji and the pacific as a whole, and they hope to partner with government and other stakeholders, to assist people and help create and change policies, towards the disease.

She adds – although there are no official or known statistics for us here in Fiji and the pacific, there have been undoubtedly a great number of our population that have been ‘misdiagnosed’ or ‘missed-diagnosed’ – as this auto-immune disease is deadly in the sense, that it mimics other diseases and its symptoms as well. Locally known in the i-taukei vernacular as “Kalou ni Draki” or “Drimi” – some of the universal symptoms are joint pains, rashes or skin flares, and weight loss.

The Lupus Foundation of Fiji will be holding a ‘Media Launch’ on the 10th of next month, to kick-off their campaign against this disease!

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