Femlink pacific calls on elimination of all types violence

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Femlink pacific executive director Susan Grey is calling on the Prime Minister and his Government, to display that genuine commitment to their own state commitments on gender equality, and make a deliberate, desired effort to practice and remove the barriers that promote injustices, including the elimination of all types of violence against women and girls.

Following comments made by the Prime Minister, Grey says the accusations are improper, outrageous and embed the persistent injustices that women face in the workplace.

She says QUOTE: “Women in the workforce in Fiji have been struggling to break the glass ceiling, in being considered as equals with men with equal pay, and equal respect.”

“And here we have the Head of the Fijian Government, making blustering accusations that Dr. Chand’s promotion as Director of the Centre for Flexible Learning at the University of the South Pacific, is not meritorious, and is made purely because she is the wife of Professor Biman Prasad, the Leader of the National Federation Party.” UNQUOTE

The Organisation says there are challenges that women in academia encounter, including their own under-representation, and the constant unequal pressures that they face.

The statement adds femLINKpacific supports a thriving dynamic constituent of diverse rural women, with a regional partnership.

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