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SPECIFIC – Sunday March 1st 2020

The Vutia Mangrove Oyster Farm is a pilot project and co funded between by the Ministry of Fisheries and the Pacific Community through its FAME Aquaculture Section.

They trained and assisted the Muanaira Womens Group of Vutia in Rewa, on best techniques to culture mangrove oysters, including the collection of spats, setting up of a demo farm, techniques to assure food safety of oysters, the farms and marketing. The trial began in November 2018.

The aim of the project is to reduce reliance on the declining coastal fisheries resources, improve livelihoods, provide income generation for women in marginalized coastal communities, and ensure consistent supply of oyster product to the local market.

The project recognizes the participation of women in coastal fisheries, and also provides an enabling environment for women to practice their traditional role as gatherers and managers..


Ever wondered what are some of the major discerning issues of the day ranging from climate change to women’s rights, food security, conservation, politics, the economy right up to education and trade? As one of our highly rated current affairs shows, Close Up does exactly that by taking a closer look at some of these critical issues that affect our daily lives. Close Up’s weekly documentaries also takes your from not just ordinary stories but also to some of major extraordinary achievements.

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