Groove Classics

Groove Classics returns this week with the popular #RequestNight giving classic lovers the chance to choose this week’s playlist. Visit the Groove Classics Facebook and Twitter page and let us [...]

Breakfast @ FijiOne

Wednesday 7th August 2019 Catch our hosts bright and early as they interview Stanley Campbell, a fitness instructor and nutritionist who will show us ways you can stay fit and healthy through [...]

Talk Business

This August… Talk Business will be taking you to the Beautiful Sigatoka valley at the Teitei Homestay Fiji Farm as well as take part in the popular out-door Sport of Rock Climbing in [...]

Get Set

It’s another week of fun and adventures with your Host MG! Mr Mailbox delivers a letter to MG sent in by Ro Makitalena Rasigatale. Groove along to  some fun singalongs like Knick Knack [...]

Groove Thang

Shania and Aaron bring you all the latest hits as well as the hottest requests from viewers every Saturday evenings at 6:30 pm. In this Special edition, we will be promoting the Bands by the [...]

The Rugby Show

Rugby Show features from grassroots to top tier competition. It brings the previews and reviews of rugby that is happening in Fiji and in-depth interviews with organizers and rugby players. The [...]