Disney Raven’s Home (season 2)

Now a divorced mother of two, Raven Baxter still catches glimpses of the future. She uses her power to help her be a better mother, a successful fashion designer and a good friend. She’s [...]

The Evermoor Chronicles (season 1)

The series is about Tara Crossley, an American teen who moves from the United States to an English village called Evermoor. As her mother and step father unpack at their new home, Tara, her [...]

Magic Kaito (Japanese Video)

Magic Kaito is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama, that began in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday in 1987. The story tells of a phantom thief named Kaito Kid. [...]

Disney Andi Mack (season 1)

Disney Andi Mack: Is an American family comedy drama television series. It follows 13-year-old Andi Mack and her best friends, Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll, as they attend middle school. Life [...]

Disney Mission Force (season 1)

Space adventurer Miles Callisto is always ready for action, traveling through the universe with his family and his best friend, a robo-ostrich named Merc. The family includes mom Phoebe, the [...]

Goldie & Bear (season 3)

Everyone is familiar with the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” but there’s never been a follow-up that lets people know what happened after Goldilocks found the [...]