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Monday 20th January

The President of Software Foundation will be talking to us about Cyber bullying and how parents can avoid their children getting caught up in it

Tuesday 21st January

In our Tech Tuesday segments, we will be talking about Virtual Reality a simulated gadget that makes user experience everything they watch, like its real

Wednesday 22nd January

Our hosts will be playing the whisper challenge where one will be wearing the headphones with maxed volume and try and guess what sentence the other one will mouthing

Thursday 23rd January

A representative from FPRA will talking about how they’re a concert where the proceeds will go to the victims of the Australian bush fire

Friday 24th January

Sisilia Seavula will be giving us tips on how we can get fit and healthy by doing simple moves right inside your living room.

Breakfast @Fiji One is the first show of its kind in Fiji and the Pacific. Watch it LIVE weekdays from 6am – 8am.


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