The Fiji Electricity Authority has been officially renamed as the Energy Fiji Limited.

As a result of the corporatization of the once statutory body, all local and domestic Energy Fiji Limited account holders will be given a certain amount of shares and will become shareholders of the company.

” The corporatization means that EFL now has a capital structure and shares wholly owned by your Government. there will be no job loses and no one will be made worse off.” said Aiyaz Sayed – Khaiyum – Acting Prime Minister

Energy Fiji Limited will also be listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange whereby shareholders can buy and sell their shares in the stock market.

All eligible shareholders of EFL will be given an offer letter from next week.

If the letter is not received, an online application can be accessed through the company’s online page.

However, the application form must be submitted within 5 weeks.

” Through this Fiji Government will be offering 5 per cent of the total shares in EFL to all EFL customers in the form of one volume share completely for free. This means that customers will for the first time be given a stake to be a stakeholder in the billion dollar asset company” said Sayed – Khaiyum

Shares have also been allocated to future Energy Fiji Limited account holders.

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