Government ministry officials  have begun with the assessment works on the damages left by Tropical Cyclone Keni in Kadavu. 
The severe cyclone has left a large number of villagers on the island homeless. 
More than 100 Government officials arrived on board MV Iloilovatu and MV Sigavou at Vunisea Government Station on Sunday morning to join the team who are already on the ground carrying out recovery works.  
Works to clear roads and bridges have already have started with Fiji Roads Authority and a team from the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces. 
NDMO Director, Anare Leweniqila said officials were there to verify the extent of damage to agriculture, schools and health facilities, housing and extent of damage to personal property & belongings.
Among villages severely affected was Ravitaki where 20 houses were partially destroyed while only four were completely destroyed. 
Village head man Vetaiya Ratumaiyale, 43, said the  experience they faced during the cyclone was horrific. 
“At this moment, we are working together to clear out huge debris, villagers have been heavily affected after the cyclone. 
“Most of the villagers depend on yaqona farming for their source of income, the cyclone has destroyed many yaqona farms,” he added. 
Villager, Alifereti Tuinitakali, 32, said his family home was completely destroyed in the cyclone. 
“My house was completely destroyed, we have nothing left but at the moment we are trying to figure out a way to rebuild our home,” he added.


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