70 Police Officers attend Constable Qualifying Course

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The Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho reiterated the institution’s annual focus on improving service delivery to more than 70 police officers attending the Constable Qualifying Course at the Police Special Response Unit this morning.

While officially opening the one-month course, the head of the Fiji Police Force said while majority of the officers serving throughout Fiji are working hard to serve the Fijian public, there are a few who have forgotten their purpose of being a member of a service oriented institution.

“This year is a year of improving service delivery to the people better, it’s in our motto and badges and yet some of us can’t perform the simple acts such as answering the phones the right way, attending to reports in a timely and efficient manner to providing feedbacks when it’s due”.

“We are here to serve, nothing more and nothing less, service, service, service. Our lives revolve around serving, and if you can’t serve, then you’re in the wrong profession”.

Brigadier General Qiliho said while it was hard to dismiss officers from the Force for issues of ill-discipline and their failure to uphold the law, the decision has to be made for the sake of improving service delivery.

“I have the nasty task of dismissing officers because they have not done right, and it’s difficult because they have families who depend on them, but I can’t be feeling sorry for one officer who doesn’t think about the consequences of not doing his job right, and not realizing the impacts his actions have on the institution and service delivery to close to one million Fijians who rely on our services”.

“Reflect on yourself in the last few years of on the job training and those of you who have served longer, ask the questions that you need to ask so that you will start fresh again”.

Majority of the 74 officers undergoing the course had passed out in 2016.

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